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It was her good friend all the way from Weatheria. Birthday girl fucked at party. Nami hasn't scolded her or anything for walking so close to her, so she is also practically enjoying the feeling of Robin close to her. One piece nami and robin being fuck hard. Nami and robin lesbian. Walking over an hour in the nude through the city and avoiding possible citizens. There on the thousand sunny it was as lively as usual.

When she clearly opened her eyes without moving her physical body, she noticed that this attractive black-haired woman is standing right in front of her in nothing but a purple coloured panty and bra. Where are our clothes?! Now the motel wasn't the most fanciest of all motels in the whole of 'Water 7', but the place was really cute and affordable for their budget. Robin came over and helped lick up all the cum and drank it.

Without drying themselves, Robin lies on top of Nami, in the nude, on the Queen Sized bed. When Nami walked in she was at a loss of words and Robin stared at her blankly and when they both finally got back to their senses Nami ran out and shut the door while Robin just continued on with what she was doing. Porn milf names. Besides the training that keeps me distracted, you kind of feel homesick after awhile. Don't leave me here alone!

See you in 3 days. But there is still another problem. Robin sprouted more arms with her Devil Fruit power to reach into her panties and shove her fingers inside her pussy and take them out.

But this time, she's flying on a cloud like thingy she must have received on Weatheria. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Robin got a little excited realizing what was going on and approached Nami. Every single Straw Hat is located at a different destination and is at their specific destination thanks to the tyrant Bartholomew Kuma's ability to repel anything he touches at a place of either his or the victim's choice. She held Nami's head as Nami kept thrusting Robin's "firm sergeant" in and out of her mouth.

I just bit my finger and gave it a go. Nami clearly didn't care about that as she just begged Robin to go even faster. You want to know how I can tell?

Both of them just gave and received sexual pleasure to one another. Nami gave both of Robin's ass cheeks one final kiss before they swapped places.

The hot, steamy water is pouring down on them with great pleasure. Hot naked women tubes. Because it is Full Moon, the Moon's light can cause a good spark to anything shiny that's getting shone on by the Moon itself. Chopper, Usopp, And Luffy telling jokes and laughing. Robin started by kissing and licking Nami's breasts, followed by her moving towards her stomach, and concluded by making out with Nami's groin.

By the looks of it, it looked like Nami swallowed every single drop of Robin's seed.

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Nami started feeling funny thinking back at this, between her two legs, her panties had started getting wet and she felt warmth down there.

Because of the sound of Robin unzipping her pants, Nami is awakened to the image of Robin undressing in front of her. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Melbourne escort anal. Both Nami and Robin are in the shower.

All models were 18 years of age or older at the time of depiction. One Dick Four Cunts. Nami and robin lesbian. Robin then went down to her actual pussy and started eating her out. After they had a massive make out session in the Hot Spring which lasted about an hour, they decided to dry up, get dressed, and began heading back to their motel room for more kinky stuff. Both of them are into girls. Nami felt amazing and she kissed Robin back, and that is when Nami realized her true sexuality.

But what where Nami and Robin doing? She really wants to know what Robin is hiding. I dont know the name. Camille winbush nude pics. Have you ever heard of two naked pirates going to the Navy and report that their clothes and possessions have been stolen? Both of them are still locked out. Luffy was stealing everyones food as usual, Zoro drank too much and passed out on the table, Sanji was taking everyones plates and doing the dishes, Chopper and Usopp had gone to bed, and Franky was in his workshop.

Nami couldn't take it anymore and let out a couple lewd moans. It is natural for women to at least get a little dirty minded once in a while. Without drying themselves, Robin lies on top of Nami, in the nude, on the Queen Sized bed. Robin soaked with Nami's cum liked it all up and drank it. They wasted 10 minutes because of 2 reasons. Mother ass xxx. Nami's boobs were moving all over this place and the guys couldn't take it anymore, Robin removed the heads from their pants and they all went over to Nami' and started caressing her body and sucking on her nippled.

So for Belly per room per night, they received this cute averaged size bedroom with a tiny kitchen, a small bathroom with a shower included, and to their surprise, one Queen Sized bed. So close that she is actually spooning her from behind. Once Nami's breast were exposed she immediately started fondling them and sucking on the right nipple.

Nami began by pushing Robin against the wall, kissing her back, and proceeded to go crazy on her butthole. I'm sorry I didn't completely stay with the Robin x Nami I just thought it would be fun to add in something a bit extra.

Zoro sleeping, and Sanji cooking tonights dinner. But at least once every 2nd month, Nico Robin and Nami would gather together for a fun weekend on the last weekend of the 2nd month at a place of their choice.

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Because Nami is a light sleeper, even the slightest of unusual noises that shouldn't be heard can be heard and cause a disturbance to someone's slumber.

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