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MacDougal thinks for a moment, then says she can, but it would take some time. Data agrees to help Riker and commences an extensive library computer inquiry for Riker after he comments that it should be easy for Data to find the information as he is written in many bio-mechanical texts.

What do we learn about her in the process? So, you should get into uniform. Amanda donohoe lesbian. I can see this and I tend to agree. The naked now tng. Their scans showed no life signs. He rushes into her office where he finds a disconsolate Dr. Soon the virus infects the Enterprise crew, causing erratic behavior, and young genius Wesley Crusher Wil Wheaton must maneuver the ship away from an exploding star while his mother, chief medical officer Beverly Crusher Gates McFaddenworks on a cure.

They were monitoring a planet that was breaking up, not a collapsing star as in this case. Crusher denies this as tests showed no drugs or hallucinogens in his body. The corridors are quiet, but are littered with discarded items and food.

That's how we missed it. Contents [ show ]. Nude pictures of shirley jones. Back in sickbay, Crusher continues her tests on La Forge, who is still lying on the main bio-bed. Writing for TrekNationMichelle Erica Green thought that the episode would have been improved if it had come a few seasons later, by which time the characters were better known to the audience.

I forgot to add; the contrivances to make Data succumb to the virus were just pathetic Who cares that it is stupid. Like the one where they're on some African-esque planet and Tasha Yar gets kidnapped or something.

Just as the officer leaves, Worf reports that the star is collapsing. Also, that small part foreshadows great episodes to come in the future. Why wouldn't we want Trek fans to be able to see an organized list of a bunch of "huh, interesting" type things that other Trek fans have observed in the past? Close search Search this site. This is why I tend to actually favor the "Interesting Notes" type of idea I suggested here. Views Read Edit View history. I'm going to go ahead and call this a fail.

Crusher's quartersWesley Crusher and La Forge are present. The cloud motive continues to intensify in the form of a rapid ostinato played electronically and by harp.

Of course, things are expected to slip through the cracks in a place such as wikia. Fat tuesday tits. Right before she reaches the exit, she wipes her hand on her head; she knows she doesn't feel right but continues to leave. I have the same opinion of this I do "genesis" from season 7. Out of curiosity, what are some other credible examples? Picard indicates the hypospray, which reminds her that she was going to test it on La Forge.

While the Enterprise deals with an unusual non-horny illness spreading amongst the crew, Riker predictably pursues " diplomatic relations " with the local leader, Mistress Beata.

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I liked some of the scenes in this episode, but also thought a lot of the acting was still weak. Yes, this is a bad episode. Ashley olsen nude pics. Meanwhile, a percussive, heartbeat-like pulse adds menace and momentum to the early sequences of the cloud possessing Enterprise crewmembers. The naked now tng. Views Read Edit View history. She thought that the episode was "boring, because we already know how it's going to end, and it's trivial, because already we can see how easily this crew can be diverted from duty.

I found myself now laughing derisively at it rather than with it. At the same time, shots of the new Enterprise adrift in the glittering blue landscape of another galaxy called for shimmering textures both from electronics and undulating strings. Was he merely clearing his throat or what exactly was that supposed to mean? Wesley is never depicted in the company of a potential romantic partner again after this episode.

He means this as a jokebut nobody is amused. S01E14 Angel One Riker visits a female-dominated planet where everyone wears clothes that I guess might pass for sexy in I'm going to go ahead and call this a fail.

Before posting, ask yourself "What would Picard do? I bet the original promos mentioned something about TOS. Let me start with an example. Paoli dam naked scene. It took The Original Series some time to feel comfortable with humor, though it never experimented with it as much as I wanted it to.

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The Next Generation episode. Shimoda had removed all the isolinear chips from the command computers, disabling the ship's engines. William Wed, Oct 15, How funny is The Naked Now? Picard tries to refrain from giggling and waving. Ultimately, the show is too goofy for its own good, but it's at least not boring. Lieutenant Tasha Yar Michael Dorn Picard attempts to order Worf to move the ship, but he can't think of the correct words to say.

Startrekwatcher Sun, Jul 30,5: He then asks what the problem is with asking him to perform the work. Still, it's a bad idea to show the crew acting "out of character" this early -- I particularly love the crew talking about how they know Geordi is acting unusually because there's nothing in his file about being sad he can't see, because they clearly have not had time to find out any of this.

They exit the ready room; Crusher giggles again and waves to Picard.

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Www nude sexy pic True, they acknowledged it, but still, a bad sign. Worst line in all Season One goes to Data:
Asian girl sexy nude Log in or sign up in seconds. Ultimately, the show is too goofy for its own good, but it's at least not boring. Still, his biology can't be all too human, since we know from "Data's Day" that he doesn't require sleep.
Hot african nude women He means this as a joke , but nobody is amused.
Alana nude pics He contacts Crusher and notifies her that the information and a cure is being transmitted to the medical database. And I remember at the time thinking: The crisis deepens, and our heroes almost don't survive.
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